Drinking Shakeology While Pregnant

Nourishment for me and my baby came from drinking Shakeology while pregnant. During my pregnancy, Shakeology is my one-stop-meal for everything my body needs to nourish me and my baby. Prior to my pregnancy, I drank Shakeology super-food shake for about three months and loved the results I was getting. When I learned I was expecting baby number five, I knew that Shakeology would continue to be part of my daily lifestyle or I would never be able to keep up with my other children, age four to nine years old!

Why Drinking Shakeology While Pregnant Worked for Me

Well-balanced and vitamin fortified, Shakeology is the one meal I know I can count every day to feel great and fulfill the needs of my baby. Who needs prenatal vitamins when you have Shakeology? Be sure to get your doctor’s blessing before taking nutrition matters into your own hands by showing your doctor the ingredient list.

I enjoy drinking Shakeology while pregnant and mixing up my healthy shake every day with recipes that are fun and delicious. These days, when people ask me how I feel, all I can say is, “Amazing!” They look at me in awe of how I can keep up the same “go-getter” energy levels I had prior to my pregnancy! I credit my good health and high energy to Shakeology.

If I don’t drink my health shake everyday my energy levels fall and my mood is all over the place! You know what I’m talking about Moms! I also start craving all those junk foods I should not be eating!

Drinking Shakeology While Pregnant Helped my Blood Pressure

With Shakeology, my blood pressure is as healthy as it was before my pregnancy. With my other pregnancies, my blood pressure was irregular and spiked a lot. I also declined my flu shot this season. Instead, I credit my good health to Shakeology which boosted my immune system. No sickness or sniffles here!

I also don’t miss the afternoon blood sugar crashes I used to have. Having my energy continue throughout the day really helps when it’s time to pick up the kids from school and start the evening activities: homework madness, dinner, and bedtime routines.

The best things I did was “drinking Shakeology while pregnant” to give me the balance I need to the best wife to my husband, and mother to my four children and the miracle growing inside me.

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