How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

Shakeology is the super nutritious shake from Beachbody that has already helped thousands of people to lose weight, reduce cravings, increase energy and stamina, promote healthy digestion and regularity, and lower cholesterol!

So what’s all this great stuff cost? Here’s the monthly break down:

Shakeology bulk – 30 servings = $119.95 ($4.00 per serving)
Shakeology packets – 24 servings = $119.95 ($5.00 per serving)

But wait, let me show you how you can pay less for Shakeology! In just a moment, I’ll also show you why even $4 – 5.00 per serving is NOTHING compared to what you pay for other non-nutritional items!

I can help you get a discount where you will save $155.00 per year!

Your monthly cost breakdown for Shakeology  will be:

Shakeology bulk – 30 servings = $104.91 ($3.50 per serving)
Shakeology packets – 24 servings = $104.91 ($4.37 per serving)

Here is how to do it:

Month 1
Join as a Beachbody Coach ($39.95)
Order Shakeology on Home Direct during the signup process ($89.96)

Month 1 total = $129.91

Month 2 and beyond

Beachbody Coach monthly fee ($14.95)
Shakeology HD ($89.96)

Month 2 and each month beyond = $104.91

You save $15 per month. Now, if you count the first month’s coach join fee and carry it over to the next month, in month 2, you save $5, and each month beyond, you save the $15.

If you use Shakeology daily and order it each month, you will save $155.00 per year!


You also receive a 25% discount on any other Beachbody products that you purchase. We have new and exciting fitness programs each year! So that $119 fitness program can also be yours for just $89.96! You can also get nutritionals  at a discount for your family if you wish!

Back to the cost per serving. You may have thought it was high. I talked to a friend today and she said, “wow, $4.00 per serving is high!”. I said, “how much did you spend at Starbucks this morning?”. She said, “oh yeah”.

People regularly spend $3.50 – $5.50 for a venti mocha latte and other coffee drinks. Wouldn’t you like to get something nutritious for your dollars?

I would! And I do. How about you? There is a 30-day money back guarantee on both Shakeology AND your Coach signup! If you are not happy, then you get your money back – Shakeology has a bottom of the bag guarantee!

(be sure to make your purchase during the Coach signup process – see picture below)


  1. LouEllen Smith-Monard says

    Hey Shaun T
    That’s not fair. I ordered my insanity set through the infomercial. You didn’t offer that dvd on tv.

  2. LouEllen Smith-Monard says

    Hey Shaun T
    How can I order an Insanity T-shirt and orange Insanity water bottle?

  3. Lisa J. says

    Hello LouEllen

    Team Beachbody Coaches can order Insanity t-shirts. I don’t see them available for customers. I don’t know about the orange bottle. We have a clear one that is on backorder right now :)

    Coach Lisa

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