Is Shakeology Safe for Kids?

Lately, I’ve seen lots of message board discussions about whether Shakeology is good for kids. People are asking questions like: “Should I give Shakeology to my kids?”, “Is Shakeology safe for children to drink?”, and “Do I need to check with my doctor before giving this super food shake to my children?”

Now I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, just a super healthy person with grown children and grandkids. It’s amusing to me when I see people so concerned about giving a super healthy shake to their kids. These are the same people that don’t think twice about giving their growing families MacDonald’s hamburgers and fries, some of the most processed food on the planet! Even the taste is not real!

90 percent of Americans purchase processed foods to feed their families. Kids are growing up on processed foods like chips, sodas, cheese crackers, instant meals and more! The processing creates a longer shelf life and convenience, but it’s the worst thing you can eat! During the food processing most of the nutrition and flavor is destroyed, so more artificial flavoring and ingredients are added to make it a taste sensation in your mouth. My question: why aren’t parents worried about the dangers from these foods?

It’s a fact that processed foods contain less nutritional value than natural foods and also have additives and chemicals that are dangerous. It’s no secret that the top 5 diseases in the U.S. are “lifestyle” diseases, caused by what we eat.

This circles back to my original thought: Why are parents so concerned and frightened about giving their kids a super food healthy meal but don’t think twice about giving them the worst food on the planet?

Shakeology is low is sugar with more nutrients in a single serving and healthier than the 95 percent of the foods that growing children eat these days. If it makes you feel better, go check with your pediatrician about giving Shakeology to your kids. They probably don’t need a full adult serving and certainly, no child should use it as a meal replacement. I give it to my toddler grandkids as a snack and they love it. They get about 1/3 serving which is appropriate for their size and weight.

With childhood obesity a major health problem and poor nutrition due to processed foods, it’s time to teach kids about proper nutrition. Maybe Shakeology is not the option for you and that’s OK. But instead of this over-concern for giving kids a super healthy drink, parents should be more concerned about feeding their families the empty calories, excessive sugar, and low nutritional value found in the processed foods.

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